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“I learnt how to sew clothes, how to sell and identify the profit and loss of my business. At first I did not understand the mathematics but I am now able to do correct calculations,” stated Madina, a trainee.

Madina was one of 22 women from Karaan, Boondheere and Yaaqshiid districts, who were trained on vocational skills in Mogadishu. The training which lasted for two months covered business management, revolving fund and dress making and fabric embroidery.

HIWA, a local organisation with two decades of experience in this area led the training in partnership with CISP.
The 22 women had been earlier trained to make reusable sanitary pads which were bought by CISP for distribution to needy schools girls. The training aimed to enhance the abilities of these women so they are able to diversify their skills and have better opportunities at being self-reliant.

In a large, neat and well lit room, the women worked sewing together the pieces of fabric they had cut into flowing dresses. They also embroidered cotton material with colourful patterns by hand.
After sometime indoors covering the theoretical part of learning, the trainers later guided the women through practical activities that they will be involved in as business women. They visited local markets to conduct business assessments, negotiate the best prices for supplies and sell their products ensuring they do their calculations correctly.

Aliyo, one of the participants: “I have learnt new sewing tips and techniques, I have been encouraged the continue practising so I can get better at it.  I have also gained trade secrets that will make me successful.”
An elaborate ceremony was held to mark the end of the training period.  Guests representing authorities and partner organisation were present.  Dresses and embroidered fabrics that they made during training were exhibited on the walls of the meeting hall.

To start off their lives as entrepreneurs, the women were each given a sewing machine, thread and fabric. Some had the chance to speak during the occasion, “on behalf of my fellow participants, I would like to express our sincere gratitude for this valuable support,” Madina said.
The messages from the leaders and civil society organisations reiterated their commitment to supporting women since they are the backbone of the community.

By: Salad Ghedi Ali (Field communication & Accountability Officer)




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