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World Humanitarian Day, a unique day set aside to celebrate people helping people. It’s a day we recognize the contributions of millions of aid workers who engage to give support and hope to others. At CISP, we believe that for there to be a real impact we have to use our greatest resource, people. Therefore we have adopted a people helping people approach. On this World Humanitarian Day we are proud to be celebrating 30 years of CISP’s existence worldwide.


CISP’s staff members have been workings side by side with local partners and communities to better understand the challenges and the best ways to mitigate them. Programmes are jointly designed and implemented to address a range of needs ensuring that children, women and men have access to education, health care, protection, livelihood opportunities, clean water, food and assistance in times of crisis and recovery.


Education for All

Ensuring that boys and girls in Somalia have access to quality education is a core priority for CISP. Different projects are currently on going to ensure that more boys and girls go to school and improve their learning.  Schools are rehabilitated and supplied with stationery and school equipment. Teachers receive training to improve their skills. All are engaged to raise awareness on the importance of education for all, driven by the deep conviction that education will prepare boys and girls for a better life and enable them to break the cycle of poverty.


Better Health Care

We maintain our commitment to supporting authorities and communities in Somalia in the provision of better health care. Through a network of dedicated health workers, CISP works to support Mother and Child Health centres. We have helped rehabilitate some of the clinics, equipped them with standard facilities, supplied the clinics with drugs and supported health workers through capacity building and mentoring.


Protection from Violence

We help Somalis put a stop to violence against women and girls through campaigns aimed at understanding and addressing the causes of violence.  Training health workers to assist survivors deal with trauma, establishing safe places and nets, and counselling, are some of the helpful activities we conduct thanks to the commitment of all people involved.

In all our programmes the Somali people have shown us great support and continue to make these projects a success. CISP deeply appreciates the dedication of our staff and partners, their commitment, desire and selflessness in serving the people of Somalia.





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