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Increase of access and understanding of Somali cultural heritage is one of the objectives of the ‘Reviving culture, building peace’ project. Establishment and strengthening of poetry clubs in schools is one of the ways to teach the youth in Somalia about their culture.

In January, CISP together with Somali Peace Line (SPL) held a workshop on Somali culture for teachers from partner schools in Mogadishu. Nineteen male and seventeen female teachers took part in various sessions during the four day training.


The aim of the training was to get the teachers to facilitate the establishment of boys’ and girls’ clubs in their schools. Setting up of these clubs in an objective that cuts across; education, protection and culture and peace sectors of the organization.

The participants were selected by the two organizations in collaboration with their school principals. Those selected teach Somali language or social studies in their schools. They are also well versed with Somali culture particularly literature, poetry, folktales, dramas, folklore dances and social norms.

The main focus of the workshop was how to encourage school children and youth to express creatively in poetry storytelling, drama and visual art. Hours of instruction and discussions were dedicated to topics related to peace, unity, tolerance and acceptance of diversity. It was evident that the participants are aware of their roles as educators and role models as they discussed ways that they can contribute to peace and unity among Somali people through poetry clubs and literature.

The last two days of the training focused on child protection and psychosocial support. The teachers were trained on communication skills, critical thinking, peer influence in schools, self-esteem, and gender equalities.





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