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Mogadishu - It is the beginning of another school day. At the morning assembly, the girls talk to their peers excitedly. This is halted by the call to attention by the head teacher. They line up and attentively face forward waiting for the important announcements of the day. The chatter resumes once the teacher dismisses them from the assembly to start classes. We spoke to some girls about their aspirations.

Zahra, 15 lives in Waberi district of Mogadishu: “Before I started school, I used to play with other children in the village all day long. I want to work hard in school so I can become a doctor when I grow up.”

Hodan, 14 lives in Hamar Jab-Jab and is in class 4: “I start school at noon and finish at 5 p.m. English is my favourite subject. When I finish university, I would like to work as an accountant for an international organisation.”

Ikran, 11 lives in Waberi district: “My hope is to be a nurse in the future so I can help those who are sick. This is possible now that I am in school.”

Aamino, 10 in class 3 is from Hamar Jab-Jab: “I like English and Science; I want to be a teacher so I can take part in educating others.”

Educate Girls End Poverty is working with this school to ensure that girls from marginalised backgrounds have a chance to go to school. The girls aspire to live a life different from what they see every day.




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