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“Before we were using our normal clothes …. but this type of sanitary pad is much better than our usual fabric. You can use it over and over again.” -  Trainee 5  

CISP values the feedback we get on our work. Through the monitoring and evaluation of our projects, we get information that provides an assessment of our performance and the progress of projects. This offers us pathways for learning.

In September, a third-party monitoring organization went to Mogadishu to speak with some of the women we have been working with as part of the Promoting Rights Protecting Women project. The use of a third-party monitor gives an objective view on our work.

The exercise also presented an opportunity for the organization to hear what impact the project has had in the lives of these women; to whom we are accountable. The women were randomly selected and interviewed, names concealed for confidentiality.


One of the key activities of this project was to teach survivors of gender based violence making reusable sanitary pads. The women would be paid according to the pads they make creating a source of livelihood for them.The pads will be distributed to needy girls in schools who would otherwise not have adequate sanitary supplies.

The Monitoring report findings were encouraging: Those who were interviewed confirmed that their lives had significantly improved. As a result of making the pads, they are earning enough to cater for their families’ basic needs.

“It was a great opportunity for me when I was offered training on making sanitary pads… this greatly changed my life, you can see now I am generating an income to cover our basic needs…I was a jobless woman and our life was dependent on what little my husband earned from the market.”  - Trainee 6

There were lessons to be learned: It was revealed that the women need more counselling to help them cope better with the experiences they had been through.




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