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For the first time, a cultural festive was held in Mogadishu on 6th of November. Organised by CISP, local authorities and other partners, the event aimed at supporting Somali culture as a means to sustainable peace and development.

Somali culture is characterised by poetry, stories, art, music and theatre all of which hold a rich potential in promoting peace, social cohesion and employment especially for the youth.

At the festival, the best of Somali artefacts such as; the head rest (barkin), gourd (dhiil), incense burner (dabqaad), the sky camel (AwrkaCirka) pestle (kal), and mortar (mooye) were displayed. The Awrka Cirka is a star formation that takes the form of a male camel. This was traditionally used by wayfarers to tell directions. It was also adored for it is beauty; families would gather to admire it. From time to time, the formation would appear as the camel in different positions; it would sometimes be seem as if it is standing or lying down.

In the event, young people conspicuously took part; painters showcased their skill working on their paintings as the crowd watched. Basbaas Shareero Group also presented traditional plays and songs during which the crowd clapped and sang along.

“I am very pleased to have been part of such a beautiful day,” expressed a female participant.

By Salad Ghedi, Communication Support Officer, Mogadishu




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