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“Culture for peace” is a series of events held in the various districts of Banadir Region in Somalia, the events are aimed at encouraging the residents to appreciate their rich culture, and use their cultural heritage as a building peace avenue.

The event in Shibis district was organized by a local youth group together with CISP with the assistance of local authorities. In attendance were 300 people mainly residents from the four wards in the district.

Every nation in the world has culture that shapes its identity and history. This event is carrying a message of peace, hope and unity for the Somali people and the participants are expected to transfer the message to those who did not attend the event,” noted Shibis District Commissioner, Ahmed Mumin.

During the event various cultural items were exhibited such as:  a replica traditional Somali house, traditional household items such as brooms, pestle and mortar, wooden spoons, cooking burners, fans and mats woven from palm leaves, carved wooden headrests and combs. In front of the replica traditional house, some women demonstrated traditional methods of food preparation; one woman used a sisal woven tray for winnowing, while the other cooked using a clay pot.

The event would not have been complete without popular traditional music and dances such as the Hamari dance and the Dhaanto dance. Some youth groups performed satirical skits to add a bit of humor to the event.

The culture for peace events are aimed at promoting peace through revival of culture and encouraging integration of the community in order to open new means to have common effort in working for peace.




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