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In the ocean view picturesque district of Hamar Weyne, residents were treated to a beautiful cultural event. The location was the most appropriate for hosting a cultural event in view of its historical and cultural background. The district is one of the oldest in Mogadishu, the name loosely translated means old town in Somali.


It is home to the oldest buildings, the largest number of colonial monuments; such as sea side Italian villas, and the most ancient mosques such as Jaamacadda and Fakr-ad-Din. Though it’s an old town it is considered to be a cosmopolitan town.

The residents turned up in large numbers to enjoy a vast array of cultural music and dance; more than 600 people were present including the District Authorities.


Somali’s excel in the art of poetry and song; and these were not in short supply during the occasion; groups performed various pieces that displayed their vibrant culture, through traditional dances such as ‘shirka, Dhaanto.

Renowned comedians Maki Haji Banadir and Ajax provided some desired comic relief during the event, by using comedy to rely messages of culture and peaceful co-existence.

“Such events can support community cohesion; People dancing together, singing together and laughing together all these can unite people,” Abdimajid, a Youth member noted.



“The event was interesting and it gave the Hamar Weyne residents a chance to display their cultural expression including the “Shirka” dance and other cultural expressions unique to the people of Hamar Weyne. We are appreciating the Hamar Weyne youth group and CISP for holding this event,” said Hamar Weyne District commissioner, Abdulkadir Mohamed Abdukadir.

CISP is working with communities to hold such cultural events to encourage cultural expression; this is through the Reviving Culture and Building Peace project.




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