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We have a new logo for the “Reviving culture, building peace” project.

The vibrant logo was submitted by Annia Arosa “I was inspired by buildings, traditional dress, cultural artifacts and activities that are representative of Somali culture”, she revealed.

The circular logo accommodates musical instruments like a drum and the Kaban, a pear-shaped stringed instrument similar to a guitar. Dancing forms of a man and woman are also featured and a few clef symbols give life to the logo; creating an effect of vivacity. One can almost ‘hear’ it.

Somali women use henna to beautify their arms and hands with elaborate designs; an element that has been represented by a decorated hand. 

The camel is the signature animal for the Somali landscape and it has not been left behind. This is complemented by the haan, a traditional milk jug that is common in rural households in the country.

The colour scheme was inspired by the alindi fabric used traditionally to make outfits often won at weddings.

How did she manage to incorporate so many elements in one logo so elegantly? “I got inspiration from the symbols that represent Somali culture and tried to arrange them in the circle according to their importance. I then rearranged them to create balance within the circle.”





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