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  • Somalia NGO Consortium: – The NGO Consortium is a coordinating mechanism for NGOs operating in Somalia

  • NGO Safety Programme: – The NGO Safety Programme is a programme created by NGOs, which aims at contributing to International and National NGOs operating safely and securely in Somalia

  • UNOCHA Somalia: - OCHA Somalia website is dedicated to sharing of information on humanitarian and development issues, including the latest news, studies, reports and assessments relevant to Somalia.

  • Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU): - The Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit – FSNAU is a FAO project which provides situation analysis about Food Security, Nutrition and Livelihood

  • Assessment Capacities Projects (ACAPS): -The ACAPS is a project dedicated to improving the assessment of needs in complex emergencies, sudden onset disasters and protracted crises worldwide.

  • Reliefweb: - Reliefweb collects updates, information, news, assessments, studies and reports about humanitarian crises worldwide.

  • CISP Head Quarters: – CISP is active in over 30 countries worldwide in Africa, South America, the Caribbean, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. The head office is located in Rome.

  • CISP Kenya website: – CISP has been working in Kenya since 1997. Among its other activities, CISP Kenya is supporting Somali refugees in Nairobi.

  • UNOCHA Somalia WASH Cluster: - The WASH cluster website provides details on technical standards for interventions in Somalia, response plans to emergencies and global references.

  • Hygiene Promotion Working Group: - The technical working group on hygiene promotion in Somalia has a dedicated webpage where you can find sensitizing materials, training tools, AWD/Cholera prevention plans.

  • UNOCHA Somalia Health Cluster: - The website is rich of information on the cluster's activities, as well as updated surveillance and response documents, maps, guidelines and training materials.

  • UNOCHA Somalia Protection Cluster: : - The protection cluster aims to provide a coherent, coordinated, accountable, and comprehensive response to the protection needs of civilians. Useful resources, information, assessments, guidelines, as well as the strategy of the cluster, can be found at this link.

  • UNOCHA Somalia Education Cluster: - The Education cluster website provides information on the activities of the cluster, as well as maps and useful links.

  • International Aid Transparency Initiative: - The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) aims to make information about aid spending easier to find, use and compare.





The presentation of the information in this website in no way represents the expression of a political opinion whatsoever on the part of CISP. Country, region, district and community names are used solely for ease of reference and do not indicate a political or territorial preference.The geographical names transcription is the one in use by UNOCHA.