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Sahro Moallin Bashir, a 25-year-old mother of three has visited Boondheere Health Centre every week for three weeks.  Her two-year old child was diagnosed with malnutrition when she first brought him here.

She tells her story: “He was coughing a lot and eating little. When I first brought him here, I thought I would get a cough syrup and go home. Give it to him for a few days and he would recover.

“After I explained the coughing to a nurse, she measured the baby’s arm and put him on a scale. I did not expect this to be done for a cough.

“I got the syrup, but the nurse also told me that my child has not been getting proper food which is making his body weak and easy for him to get sick. I got worried when I heard this and asked if there was medication for this.

“I was given plumpy nut for him to eat and asked to bring him back once every week. I can see he is looking healthier compared to when we first came here.  He also feels heavier when I lift him and he has a better appetite.  I am glad that the nurses examined him the way they did because now he is a completely different child.”

By Salad Ghedi Ali, Field Communication Support Officer




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