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“If we are to create peace in our world we must begin with our children,” Mahatma Gandhi once said. This is what comes to mind when we look at the beaming faces of the children in the primary schools in Mogadishu during the peace activities that were carried out by CISP Somalia between 19th and 23rd November 2012. “We have never seen peace, but we can blossom like flowers in a land where there is peace,” whispered a shy little boy, showing how much these children long for the security and stability that peace brings.


As part of its education programme, CISP conducted peace activities in two primary schools in Mogadishu through poetry, music and art. A facilitator and a musician worked with teachers and students in upper primary to write poems related to peace. Each student also received a poster with the words “Peace is…” written across the top. The children completed the sentence with their own ideas in Somali and English. “Peace is happiness,” wrote a primary school boy. Another little girl at a corner held up a poster with the words “Peace is a protected shelter,” scrawled in colorful playful letters. “Children are flowers of peace,” read yet another, depicting how crucial it is to involve the children in Somalia in creating a peaceful country, where they can blossom like the flowers they are.


The posters were given to a musician, who came up with a peace song that reflected the thoughts of the children. The song was then rehearsed and performed by the children, giving them a chance to express their thoughts on peace and promote a peaceful future for their country. “Do we not deserve peace like any other children?” This thought-provoking statement was made by a little boy during the peace activities, witnessing the importance of peace in a country that has been plagued by insecurity and conflict for so long.


The peace activities allowed the children to voice their opinions while enjoying music, art and poetry. This was evident in their smiling faces, as they sang the lyrics that they believed in so deeply. The activities were also aimed at painting a new hopeful image of Somali children and youth. To this extent videos, photos and the lyrics of the peace song were displayed at the 3rd Malindi Music Festival for Children on 1st December. The festival was attended by over 8,000 people, with performances from acclaimed artists like Eric Wainaina, Nazizi and Juliani. The objective of this year’s edition, which was dubbed “I am a Child of Peace”, was to promote peace and children’s rights.


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