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Girls’ clubs are meant to connect, support and encourage girls in schools. They were started in schools in Somalia supported by the ‘Educate Girls End Poverty’ project in order to increase school completion rates.

For each school, one girl is chosen to be the chairlady and leads proceedings during the club weekly meetings.

One of the club leaders was graduating from a primary school in Gaalkacyo, ‘I got a call from  Calamley Primary School,  they had chosen a new girl to replace the club chairlady who had completed 8th grade and was moving on to secondary school,” says Mohamed, CISP’s Education Programme Officer.

The new chairlady was elected during one of the meetings; the elections were supervised by female community education committee members, the school’s club mentor and the headmaster.

The club members had met the day before the ceremony to set up one of the classrooms into a formal venue. They put up curtains and replaced the desks with chairs and a table for the important guests.

During the event, the outgoing chairlady officially transferred her duties to the new one: She handed over the club implementation guidelines and minutes of the meetings the club has held since the girl club leaders were trained in March 2015. 

“A truly encouraging environment for girls’ learning needs to make them feel welcome, respected and safe. One way to reach this goal is through the establishment of girls clubs, which gather in designated girls’ zones within the schools. Girls Clubs are safe spaces to help empower the members to manage their lives and inter-personal relationships in a way which will benefit their educational and long-term objectives. This is done through various club activities,” said Mohammed.

In Gaalkacyo, 11 schools are supported by the project and each school has a girls’ club. The clubs were set up to create a girl friendly space in the school, a place where the girls share their ideas, stories and life experiences. Each club has a female teacher who acts as the mentor for the girls and supervises the clubs’ activities.




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