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Free health services provided by Mother and Child Health (MCH) centres in Mogadishu provide much needed support to mothers and their children who would otherwise not have access to medical care. At Boondheere MCH, we talked to two mothers who go there for their treatment and that of their families.


Hawo, 30-year-old mother of ten

"Three of my children were born at the Boondheere health centre. My last child Ahmed was born in March 2013 and I received great support from the staff. Today I brought him here to get immunized.  My other seven children were born at home and I would have a difficult time such as bleeding a lot. I am glad that women and their children can come here, the services are free and the health education we get helps us to know how we can keep our children from getting sick. This is what makes me trust this hospital and brings me back here."


Maryan, 20-year-old mother of three

" I am thankful for the health centre in Boondheere my mother, my three children, and I get treated here for free. I get paid three dollars for a job which I use to support my family. I am divorced and I live with my aged mother, I am the sole provider for my family. I wash clothes for people and clean their homes. I get up early every morning and go around asking families whether they want cleaning services. Sometimes I don't find work and I have to go back home without money."




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