Are you a member of a Somali community where CISP works? Participate in our Activity Update Meetings

CISP is aware that some members of the Somali community may not have access to the internet, and therefore CISP has decided to:

a- Establish regular Activity Update Meetings in the locations where we operate;

b- Display the Activity Updates, printed out from the website, on the CISP office information board, viewable by everyone who is interested.

Regular Activity Update Meetings are part of CISP's Accountability Effort towards its beneficiaries. The Meetings are organized in CISP field offices to illustrate the Activity Updates on CISP website regarding the specific geographical area of intervention they are held in. The meetings are open to everybody willing to participate and are an occasion for every member of the community to have a say and provide their feedback. Contact Us to know when the next meeting will be held.






The presentation of the information in this website in no way represents the expression of a political opinion whatsoever on the part of CISP. Country, region, district and community names are used solely for ease of reference and do not indicate a political or territorial preference.The geographical names transcription is the one in use by UNOCHA.