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Mogadishu, Somalia - Najma* works in a clinic in Mogadishu that gives support to survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV). She has the training, passion, dedication and experience; she possesses what it takes to be a GBV Case Manager.

“When we receive survivors at the clinic, I am their first point of contact.  I talk to them in order to win their confidence by assuring them of their confidentiality and inform them of the services we provide. Once the patient understands and agrees to be treated, I organize for them to be seen by one of our counsellors or nurses,” She informed.

Najma further explains that support to GBV survivors begins with Community Case Workers, who live among the community and identify survivors. They then organize for one of our ambulances to take the survivor to the clinic where a case manager like herself receives the patient.

In some cases, the patient may need specialized care and referred to another medical facility. This comes with some challenges as Najma explained, “Some hospitals require patients to pay. I once had to use my money because the survivor needed medical care and did not have the money.”

“GBV survivors also face stigma from the society which includes health facilities. There are some hospitals that have asked us not to take such patients to them. Such lack of cooperation tends to make our intervention difficult,” she confided.

The positive impact her work has on the lives of people from her community is her motivator, “I meet a lot of patients with troubling experiences. To them, the services we offer mean a lot. I focus on the success of each individual to encourage me to keep doing what I do.”

•    Pseudo name used for her security


By Hussein Somo, Field Communication Officer, Mogadishu




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